A lady with a mask trying to enjoy the freshness and freedon through her window. Repercussions of Covid.

Lockdown Diaries

“We’re all in this together”,

I didn’t believe it then,

I’m not going to start now,

Another medley of celebrities singing ‘imagine’,

From their million-dollar mansion and how.

“We’re all in this together”

With every day that I wake up,

Already in class,

With April bleeding into March,

Just another birthday I’ll celebrate alone.

“These unprecedented times”

Every article says,

Like it’s just a phase,

But I know I don’t get to complain,

Because my miseries are in vain.

When I know,

That there are thousands in a row,

Fighting this blaze each day,

Away from their friends and families, they stay,

But this too shall change.

With only hope in their armory,

And courage in their treasury,

With hearts that remain pure,

they work relentlessly,

Towards a cure.

~Team Editorials

(Rtr. Krina, Rtr. Divya & Rtr. Kanisha)



As she lay that day in the operation theatre,hoping to hear a cry, all the thorns which pricked her all along disappeared that night. The little angel that made her go wild sometimes was now the only reason to stay alive. As the years passed by she could see the miracle happening. All her torn dreams this baby was fulfilling. Today as she lay on the same bed counting her breath, the sight of her baby was enough for her to peacefully shed off her mortal flesh.

_through her eyes
I see my dreams being stitched,
relieving me of all guilts_

-Simran Karkera