Stage — Childhood

Year Theme — Stages and Traits in Life…

Innocence replacing all the urges of sinful temptations,

The brightness in the reign of ruthlessness,

This purity of bliss exists and somewhere it’s hidden, at times forbidden,

Deep down where it ponders, you just need to seek and reach its peak.

The only belief that stays forever, reliability is enchanted only there where resides truth,

Just like an intricate glass requiring time, delicacy, and diligence to build,

One mistake and can be devastated, causing guilt.

In this terrain of sunshine and rains,

Let’s drain our energy to live at its fullest,

The present is precious than the darkness of the past,

In the end, as we know, no one will forever last.

This world drowning in the ocean of cruelty,

Let’s fly high carefree replacing the greeds for our needs,

Why not sow the seeds of contentment

And embrace vulnerability which is a part of life and smile replacing all the worries which is the art of life.

- Rtr. Riya Vaghela

Departmental Executive, RCNM



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